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Hydraulic Valve

At TAON you will find a large selection of hydraulic valves and valve blocks. Below you can see our product categories, and below them you can see our entire range of products. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us and we will try to give you the best possible answer. On weekdays we always return within 24 hours.


A hydraulic valve is used to regulate the flow in a fluid, or fluid, system. Here, a hydraulic valve block ensures that you can close or open the flow, as well as regulate the pressure drop and the speed of liquid or gas in the pipes. There are many different types that have different purposes and work differently. Below you can read more about some of these.

Under each product you will find more information and specifications, such as price and flow range.


Control valves

A control valve is used to regulate the movement of, for example, an engine, and other parts that need to be able to move. One type of control valve is, among other things, the wood splitter valve, which is used to switch on and off, as well as carry fluid between the hydraulic pumps, cylinders, motors and the tank. This can be adjusted between 70 and 170 bar.

The type of hydraulic fluid that is often used must be mineral oil based or hydraulic oil. Under the various products you can read much more about specifications, for example temperature, filtration and leakage.


Solenoid valves

At TAON you will also find a large selection of different solenoid valves. A solenoid valve is a valve that consists of an electromechanical part. In this part sits a coil, also called a solenoid, that uses current to create a magnetic field. The flow is used to control the mechanism that is to regulate the liquid flow in a valve.

The coil consists of a wire that contains a cylinder that is spring-loaded. As the current flows through the coil, it results in the coil for an electromagnetic effect where the cylinder is pulled into the coil. This acts as a mechanical motor that has a large force, despite the short travel. Our solenoid valves are driven by hydraulics.

Under the product category you can see the full range of solenoid valves. There you see the pressure limit in the bar, as well as how many volts each type of valve fits. Here they go from 12 volts to 220 volts.


Proportional valves

Proportional valves are a type of valve that is electronically activated. It operates at either pressure or flow, and changes in the same proportion as the input value of the valve. Proportional valves ensure a high flow, even from a small valve. Under the item category you will see our proportional valve, which is particularly suitable for even the most demanding tasks. By contacting us, we can offer a quote on a proportional valve that suits your specific needs.

They can be built with load sensing, between 1 and 10 sections, with a maximum of 350 bar. In addition, this valve is pressure compensating and has an oil flow of up to 140 liters per minute.


In-line valves

In-line valves are used to regulate, among other things, water flow in a pipe. It can, for example, be in underfloor heating systems or on solar panels. Other models are used to open or close the oil flow in a circuit, even when there is an extremely high pressure.


Pressure control

We also have a large selection of products for pressure regulation. For example, check valves are used to regulate the pressure in an overloaded unit, where it may otherwise be difficult to control the pressure. There are also pressure relief valves that can be mounted directly on MP and MR motors.


Flow control

An adjustable flow control valve or an adjustable flow control valve is used for flow control. They are used to regulate the flow from A to B as well as to regulate the return flow. It is important that there is the right flow and pressure of gas or liquids in your pipes, otherwise they can be overloaded. If the pressure is too low, it can also result in too high a return flow of the gases or liquids.


Flow parts

At TAON, we have a large selection of flow dividers. When ordering a flow divider, it is important that you notice the size of the thread, and at the same time pay attention to the flow interval, which tells how much liquid or gas can run through the divider per minute.


Valves - 700 Bar

We also have various high pressure valves that can handle up to 700 bar. Here you will find both throttle valves and non-return valves for different uses.