Hydraulic Solution for Gold Mine in West Africa

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Hydraulic Solution for Gold Mine in West Africa

TAON Hydraulik has just completed a hydraulic solution for NordGold in Lefa, Guinea.


In Guldminen there was a need to be able to pull and press with 279 Ton on a compact cylinder.

Without further knowledge of hydraulics, one had some hopes for how much space a cylinder would need, and that one could use the hydraulics that were available. Unfortunately, calculations quickly showed that the size of the cylinder and the use that the existing hydraulic system was not sufficient.


Through an ongoing process, we found collaboration with the gold mine's employees to find a solution that could provide the necessary forces. A cylinder of the right size and a new hydraulic system targeted at the task. It became a 400 bar hydraulic station with pressure boosters that could be made compact for the job and a cylinder that matched the job.


At TAON hydraulics, we look forward to the task being in full operation, and we hope to have the opportunity to solve other tasks at NordGold.

We are convinced that this type of customer can continuously challenge our technical ability in hydraulics.


NordGold has gold mines on many continents. The mine in Lefa, Guinea - West Africa is a so-called open mine.